Sunday, November 18, 2012

Google Hacking Tricks

Make Your Search More Faster

1. intitle: 
       It gives the result according to the title of the webpage
e.g: intitle:gate 2013
This query if you write in google instead of "gate 2013" you can find all the sites whose title contains information about gate 2013 exam.

Note: Don't give space just after intitle:
Don't Use Like This-
intitle: gate 2013
intitle : gate 2013

2. intext:
       It searches only body text.
intext:jokes on santa banta

This gives the result searching the pages of particular page

3. site:
This particular trick is mostly needed if you are searching any specific website aarush
This above query will give you result only from
not from any other sites.

If you want to avoid any result from particular website you can use google like this:

sachin tendulkar records

This particular query to google results all the page which are not from

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