Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Inspirational Stories #109 - I Smiled at them!

The Sultan of Arabia had grown very fond of Mulla Nasruddin and often took him along on his travels. Once, while on a journey, the royal caravan approached a small non-descriptive town in the desert.

On a whim the Sultan said to the Mulla, "I wonder if people would know  me in this small place. Let us stop my entourage here and enter the town on foot, and then we will know if they can recognize  me".

They dismounted and walked down the main road of the town. The Sultan was surprised to see that many people smiled at Nasruddin but ignored him completely.

Irritated and a trifle angry, he said, "The people seem to know you here pretty well, but they don't know me!".

"They don't know me either, your excellency", replied the Mulla.

"Then, why did they smile at you only", questioned the Sultan.

"Because I smiled at them", said Nasruddin, smiling.

MORAL: Courtesy and respect are mutually reinforcing. Even if someone does not greet you, be sure to greet them. You have nothing to lose anyway.

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