Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Some Windows 7 Keyboard shortcut keys

1) For the Easy way of Opening the Ease of access center, Press Windows+U.

2) For Hiding or Showing the Desktop , Press Windows+D.

3) For Opening an Search results Window, Press Windows+F.

4) To minimize the all Windows, press the Windows+M.

5) To lock an computer Press Windows+L.

6) To open the Run Dialog Box, Press Windows+R.

7) To open the Windows Explorer, Press Windows+E.

8) To change the view or Zoom in the Windows Explorer, Press Ctrl+(Mouse scroll wheel )

9) To see any Gadgets are used in your Desktop by Aeropeek, Press Windows+Space.

10) To get focus on the First Task Bar, Press Windows+T.

11) To move the Focus on the last task bar, Press Windows+Shift+T.