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New York City
The city that never sleeps is wonderful, frenetic and often overwhelming. New York lets you choose your own nocturnal adventure—a left turn might reveal the glitzy lights of a late-night theatre and while a stroll to the right might unveil after-hour nightclubs and hip, underground bars.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote “Nobody goes to bed in Madrid till they have killed the night!” And he was right. The energy in this nocturnal town, where even grandmothers jostle for taxis at 4 am, is infectious. With hip cafes and sultry music, this cosmopolitan city sure knows how to party.

One night in the City of Light can beat several days anywhere. Long after the sun has set, the city’s outdoor cafés still hum and the cobbled streets still throng with natives and tourist alike.

The hypnotising charm of this pulsating 24-hour metropolis lies in its vibrant nightlife. Sip on a sugary shai (tea) or puff leisurely on a sheesha as you watch the life of the city whirl past you. It’s often said that as people around the world get ready to climb into bed, Cairo prepares to go out.

Tel Aviv
Israel’s ever-growing metropolis, Tel Aviv is brimming with a nightlife that often rivals that of Manhattan. The city seems to be on a permanent holiday and at any time of the night you can saunter down a main market and find crowded cafés and brightly lit streets.

Despite its frequent volatility, Beirut has a beat, a dynamism that is incomparable to any other city in the world. Night-time in the young vibrant neighbourhoods of Gemmayzeh or Achrafiye is about living in the moment: partying, eating and drinking as if there’s no tomorrow.

Marrakech is Morocco’s most intoxicating city—a city that barely pauses for breath at night. Unlike other towns, it has a good eye for alcohol, and local bars are open until late. As night falls, Marrakech’s bustling main square is transformed into the most fantastic food market you’ll find anywhere. Locals and tourists alike line up for helpings of couscous and lamb stuffed sandwiches.

Buenos Aires
Sensual and seductive, rowdy and raucous, energetic and vibrant—Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps and never bores. This Latin-American capital of all night-revelry constantly beguiles with its live music and sizzling tango.

Hong Kong
Under the night-time glare of bare light bulbs, the true Hong Kong comes alive—a city with a vibrating pulse. Navigate its teeming, tightly-packed sidewalks and you'll come across daunting neon signs, steam-filled food stalls, animated hawkers and spicy aromas.

Mumbai, India
Between hawker food joints, hip nightclubs and the ever-popular Marine Drive, Mumbai’s after-hours are an inebriating mix of contrasts. Here, when bars and nightclubs decide to shut shop for the night, the revelry simply moves onto the streets. (Text by: Reva Vidyalankar)

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